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What is Clothing Store Online and how does it work? is an eCommerce clothing and accessories website that has been created exclusively for smaller, boutique style Australian designers and manufacturers.
Within the site, each designer has their own dedicated home and product pages with their logo, images and copy. Via personal password access Designers can maintain their own web pages. Designers products are also displayed in the sites various multi category pages.
CSO do not buy the range from you, rather CSO will, through active website marketing, search engine optimisation, direct marketing, print advertising, editorial and sales agents throughout Australia, offer a full and comprehensive range of sales and back up services, thereby assisting you in penetrating the market and selling your range.

Who qualifies to sell their product on the clothingstoreonline' (CSO) website?

Australian designers and manufacturers.

Any preference?

Smaller, boutique style Australian designers and manufacturers.

Do I need to have a website?

No. CSO provides each designer with their own dedicated home and product pages with their logo, images and copy. In effect your very own eCommerce website. In fact, we prefer you not to have an ecommerce website, however whether you do or not is irrelevant.
You must have access to the internet and an email address.
If you do have your own ‘external’ web site, you can link directly from your site direct to your dedicated online home page.

Do I have a say in how my homepage looks?

Yes, within the confines of the website design and ‘good taste’, through your personal password access, you control how your web pages look and how often they are updated. CSO provides criteria for displaying images and copy and retains the right to restrict unsuitable images and copy.

What products are included on the various ‘Gift’ pages?

Designers may submit any of their products to be displayed in the various CSO gift pages. To be displayed in the gift pages. your products must beautifully wrapped and packed at no extra cost.

Who decides what price the products are sold for?

You do. The only conditions are that the price must include postage and not be higher than your or your other distributors sell the same product.

How do you decide which designers to include on the website?

CSO is a designer focused website. To become a seller on, you should be an enthusiastic, motivated designer who knows that they have a good product and is looking for support to market and sell their product.
CSO will have the final say in who is listed on the site. It is important to note that just because your information has been received by CSO does not automatically mean you will be included as a clothingstoreonline designer. You must be formally invited to be part of the site.

What do you require of Designers?

First and foremost, designers should have a proactive approach and willingness to work as a team with CSO. You must also be able to supply beautiful images of your product. Your logo, descriptions of your business and the product, wholesale and retail prices and be able to distribute your product to the buyers efficiently and reliably upon the receipt of a sale.

What are the Image requirements?

It is important for each designer to maintain their individual identity and therefore, CSO will not be 'dictating' how designer images must look. However, the images you use to promote your product should be of the highest quality. Images should be ‘portrait’, in a 2 to 3 ratio. Two sizes are required for each image. namely large: height 550px / width 350px and medium: 350px / 230px . One image / product per shot and preferably on a white background. Two images of your logo are also required namely 150px and also 210px wide (height may vary) and must been in .gif format.
The CSO product page, gives the shopper the opportunity to view 4 different images of the product, so the product should be photographed from different view points / angles and include any specific detail you would like to emphasis or highlight.
For designers in Sydney and Melbourne, Clothing Store Online is happy to organise a professional photographer to shoot your range at an extremely reasonable price.

Do I have to Design the products myself?


What if the product is made offshore?

This is not an issue.

What does it cost to be part of CSO?

There are no upfront or ongoing cost to the designers. One of the big advantages to designers, is having direct access to retail shoppers without incurring high or on going overheads. With each sale CSO charge 15% commission on wholesale and 35% on retail sales plus a 1.5% credit card transaction fee. If you require CSO to maintain and update your dedicated web pages there will be an additional fee based on an hourly rate. No cost is incurred by the Designer for the general maintenance of the CSO website or the multi category pages. There is no joining or subscription fee.

Are there any other Terms and Conditions’ that I must be aware of?

Yes, you must please read the designers ‘Terms and Conditions’ which are published and updated on the website.
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